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Books Available:

Ethics in Health Care (2003)
A careful, thought-provoking examination of philosophic/practical concerns associated with delivery of ethically sensitive health care intervention.  While professions historically acknowledge basic values such as client well-being and dignity, contemporary service delivery environments are ethically challenged as a result of significant economic constraint and increasingly diverse client needs.

Leadership in Health Care Social Work: Principles and Practice (2004)
This volume commemorates the tenth year of the Society's highly regarded Exemplars in Health Care Social Work Practice Series. Unfolding changes in national health policy, medical technology, consumer expectations, reimbursement, professional availability, and marketplace competition are prompting new health care practices with dramatic implications for social work. Twelve established practitioners and academics discuss the environmental issues impacting health, health care delivery, social work practice and education for contemporary health care service environments. Three variations of the signature pedagogy of social work education, the field placement, are additionally featured with analysis of their design and student impact. Practitioners and educators will find this volume to be a valuable addition to their professional libraries. As with all series volumes, six CEU credits conferred by NASW are available upon request at no charge.

Cultural Competence in Health Care Social Work Practice (2005)
Increasing racial, cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity in the United States, coupled with disparities in the incidence of illness and death among people of color presents a challenge to the delivery of needed social and health care services.  Eleven authors examine professional sensitivity to diverse client values, traditions, behaviors and beliefs while designing and delivering health/social services.

Strength Based Perspective on Social Work Practice in Health Care (2005)
This insightful practice text offers an approach to intervention which recognizes the dignity, worth and strengths of an individual and takes a position that individual potential cannot be fully realized in the midst of concerns about assessing liabilities.  Seven authors take an approach that celebrates clients' strengths while effectively using those attributes to confront real-time health issues.

Supervision of Health Care Social Work: Principles and Practice (2006)
Seven authors put forth the art and science of supervision in professional practice.  They discuss factors influencing success in this endeavor and propose specific examples and recommendations for the oversight of staff in health care settings.  Attention is on current challenges, ethical competence, life-long learning and professional fulfillment in economically challenged environments.


Health Care Social Work Leadership in Crisis and Disaster Response (2008)
Response to crises is viewed as providing ethical and practical challenges and opportunities to safeguard public welfare while representing potential turning points for service delivery.  Specific issues and techniques associated with crises and disaster response are examined in detail while realizing the profound impacts experienced on victims, providers, organizations and communities alike.

Senior Services Delivery: Ethical Issues and Responses (2009) (Karen Neuman, PhD, Co-Editor)
In 2010, one in five United States residents is expected to be aged 65 years or older.  This text examines selected aspects of senior service delivery particularly as client circumstances and interventions pose ethical dilemmas to care providers.   Six authors discuss pertinent policy and practice issues associated with effective delivery of services to elderly, their families and other involved parties.

Immigration: Health Care Social Work Policy and Practice Issues (2010)
Explore the unique issues faced by health care professionals as they formulate policy and manage services to immigrants with diverse health care needs ranging from preventative to immediate. With a rich historic background, social work is valuable in responding to service population needs.

The Evolving Practice of Social Work Within Integrated Care (2011)
Eleven authors address practical issues associated with the newest trend in health care - integrated patient care.  Concepts, models, operational considerations and social work skill sets for practice are articulated by professionals experienced in this approach to physical and mental health care.

Education for Health Care Social Work Practice: Issues and Directions (2012)
Health care in significant flux induced by legislated national policy, changing demographics, innovative technologies, physician availability and reimbursement pressures affecting profit and service accessibility.  Ten social work leaders and educators discuss education for health care practice in integrated care environments characterized by changing patient care demands, practice contexts, professional roles and methodologies.

Ethics in Health Care Social Work Practice: Issues and Directions (2014)
The PPACA, enhanced health care interventions, business decisions, increased patient decision-making expectations and rapidly changing demographics are challenging the delivery of ethically sensitive healthcare.  This volume provides an in-depth, thought-provoking examination of these factors on contemporary social work health care practice.

Advocacy in Health Care Social Work Practice (2015)
The eleven authors in this newest text examine advocacy as the basis for social work practice by providing stimulating examples of major initiatives in patient care that were conceived, implemented and/or administered by health care social workers.


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